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Italy - Raphael Gulazzi (Рафаэль Гуалацци) - Madness of Love

После 13-летнего молчания со стороны Италии, она все же направила на Евровидение 2011 своего участника. Им стал Рафаэль Гуалацци.

Рафаэль Гуалацци родился 11 ноября 1981 года на востоке Италии, в городе Урбино. Музыкальное образование Рафаэль получил в консерватории в Пезаро.
Начиная с 2005 года, Рафаэль Гуалацци активно принимает участие в различных национальных музыкальных конкурсах.

Рафаэль Гуалацци сочиняет музыку различных направлений, которые умело сочетают в себе джаз, блюз, соул, фанк. В 2008 году Рафаэль выступил в проекте «История и тайны джаза».

Осенью 2010 года Рафаэль Гуалацци презентовал свою дебютную пластинку с 4 треками на ней. В декабре 2010 Гуалацци выступил в Лувре, а позже презентовал свой диск под названием "Reality and Fantasy”.

Рафаэль Гуалацци принял участие в фестивале Сан-Ремо в нынешнем 2011 году в категории молодых исполнителей. Победа в этом конкурсе с песней «Madness of Love» и дала Рафаэлю возможность представить свою страну на международном песенном конкурсе Евровидение 2011, которое в этом году состоится в Дюссельдорфе, Германия.
Рафаэль Гуалацци проходит сразу в финал конкурса, минуя оба полуфинала.
Italy returns to the Eurovision Song Contest with its first entry since 1997 (a 14-year absence!) - "Madness of Love", written and sung by Raphael Gulazzi.

Raphael Gualazzi was born in Urbino on 11th November, 1981. He studied piano at the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro, and then extended his musical research to include Jazz, Blues and Fusion.

Raphael caught the attention of the general public with his cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop", which was used in a TV advert. In the summer of 2010, Raphael performed at the Heineken Jammin Festival, the prestigious Pistoia Blues Festival and the Giffoni Film Festival, and went on to launch his first digital EP at the Blue Note club in Milan, which took him to the top of the iTunes charts.

In February 2011, Raphael Gualazzi took part in the San Remo Festival in Italy with the song "Madness of Love". The song won hands down, coming away with the prize in the Young Artists category, the "Mia Martini" Critics Award and the Press, Radio & TV Award.

Simultaneously, the English version of "Madness of Love" was included on the soundtrack of the film "Manual of Love 3", starring Robert De Niro and Monica Bellucci.
"Madness of Love"

Performed by: Raphael Gulazzi

Music & Lyrics: Raphael Gulazzi

Can't you see
Through your eyes
There's a look that don't shine
And all the world around you seems to slip and disappear

Thought that word from your heart
Means I'm yours, means you're smart
I know for certain I won't bother you with nostalgia

But you'll find other men
full of love and filled with damn
and you'll smile here and there
like the first of all your sighs
there you'll cry with your friends
like he was the first and last
spreading life wasting life
shouldn't be that way if you ain't got a tear to hide!

Here we live, with no tricks
day by day night by night
but someone hit me and I fell into your heart, my dear

And you'll fly over lands
Where your eyes can't find the end
Upon mountains down lanes
Being so far away from you just makes me feel so damned!

Show your man how to love,
show him tears and skies above,
show him worlds full of light
and your dreams that you can't hide
show him spells he can hear
and your wonderful life, let it shine!

Let it shine!
Let it shine!
Let it shine!

italy, Рафаэль Гуалацци, Madness of Love, Raphael Gulazzi
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